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Zsinj—he had no first name, [2] in the ancient tradition of his father's Fondorian caste— [4] was a male Human born on the planet Fondor . [1] Zsinj was the son of a shipyard mechanic , [5] who passed on some of his technical aptitude to his youngling , [6] but young Zsinj chose to follow in the footsteps of his more famous mother, Mme. Maarisa Zsinj . A native of Chandrila and an admiral in the Republic Outland Regions Security Force in the waning years of the Galactic Republic , the elder Zsinj was popularly known as the "Ace of the Spacelanes," and she inspired her young son to join the Imperial Naval Academy at Prefsbelt IV [4] upon reaching the minimum enrollment age. He did not really stand out among his classmates— [6] in fact his instructors and classmates at the academy considered him quite dull— [5] however he showed amazing technological insight and a great deal of promise as a tactician. His instructors tried to persuade him to consider a career in support services, but Zsinj insisted that he was "destined to become a great warrior," and he graduated in the top third of his class. [6]

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Early in the 20th century the term was adopted in China as "Jun Fa" to describe the aftermath of the 1911 Wuchang uprising and Xinhai Revolution , when regional chieftains led their private militias to battle the state and competing chieftains for control over territory, launching the period that would come to be known in China as the modern Warlord Era . [2] [3] The term "Jun Fa" is applied retroactively to describe the leaders of regional private armies who, throughout China's history, threatened or used violence to expand their political rule over additional territories, including those who rose to lead and unify kingdoms.

Warlord, The - The Ultimate Warlord / I Shall ReturnWarlord, The - The Ultimate Warlord / I Shall ReturnWarlord, The - The Ultimate Warlord / I Shall ReturnWarlord, The - The Ultimate Warlord / I Shall Return